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External linkICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit
Produced by the ICC Task Force on Antitrust Compliance and Advocacy. Launced 22 April 2013. See press release.





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Unilateral conduct (including abuse of power and vertical restraints)


External linkAnnalies Azzopardi, ''Dominant Position': A Term in Search of Meaning' (2015) Global Antitrust Review (PDF)
'Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union applies only to dominant undertakings. However the definition of the term ‘dominant position’ originally established by the Court of Justice of the European Union poses some problems of interpretation. There have been many attempts at rationalising this definition, including attempts to equate it to the economic concept of ‘substantial market power’. This article considers the definition of ‘dominant position’, and assesses the problems associated with the current legal definition. It reviews the attempts made to make sense of the legal definition and examines whether in reality ‘dominance’ amounts to ‘substantial market power’.'


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Ioulia Kampouridi, 'Arguments for the EU-US Convergence and against a Global Merger Control Regime' (2015) 38(1) World Competition 107–132
Abstract: The internationalization of markets, i.e., globalization, has resulted in a number of transnational mergers during the past few years, which require ex ante notification filings in multiple jurisdictions. This requirement is costly for both the merging companies and regulators and creates uncertainty. Responding to this phenomenon, commentators have argued for the establishment of a global merger control policy administered by a global agency. I argue against this proposal for two reasons. First, I evaluate procedural concerns that include the requirement to give reasons and the third parties' and the merging parties' right to appeal the national regulators' decision. Second, I explore the debate as to what the goals of antitrust law should be and examine their biased application to particular facts. I illustrate my argument against the adoption of a global merger law applied by a single agency using the three recent mergers between US Airways and American Airlines, between Universal and EMI and between Microsoft and Skype. Lastly, I examine different solutions offered by commentators and propose a modest solution which would mitigate the problem of duplicative review of transnational mergers by the EU and the US To conclude, I advocate the desirability of EU-US convergence in merger control.



External linkMalcolm B Coate, 'The Use of Natural Experiments in Merger Analysis' (advanced access 2012) J Antitrust Enforcement 1-31 (full 2013 citation to come)

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External linkICC Antitrust Compliance Toolkit
Produced by the ICC Task Force on Antitrust Compliance and Advocacy. Launced 22 April 2013. See press release.


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