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Competition agencies

Directorate-General for Competition

EFTA Surveillance Authority - Competition
"The EFTA Surveillance Authority monitors compliance with European Economic Area rules in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, enabling them to participate in the European internal market"




Official resources






Best practices and cooperation

External linkEuropean Competition Network

External linkECN Cooperation in Merger Control - THe EU Merger Working Group (est 2010)
The objective of the group is to 'foster increased consistency, convergence and cooperation among EU merger jurisdictions. The group's mandate is to identify areas of possible improvements regarding issues arising in relation to mergers with cross-border impact, and to explore possible solutions, focusing on what is feasible within the existing legal frameworks, and drawing from agency practices and experience.'

External linkBest Practices on cooperation between EU National Competition Authorities in Merger Review
November 2011

External linkBest Practices on Cooperation in Merger Investigations between US-EU (October 2011)

External linkCommission Notice on Case Referral in respect of concentrations
Official Journal C 056, 05/03/2005, p 0002-0023

External linkThe Exchange of Information Between Members on Multijurisdictional Mergers - Procedures Guide
June 2002

External linkModel waiver of confidentiality in merger investigations


Public consultations and studies

White Paper: Towards more effective EU merger control

Commission's Merger Simplification Package 2013-2014

Note: In 2013 the EC instigated a public consultation on EU merger control (Draft revision of simplified procedure and merger implementing regulation). The proposal "aims to make EU merger control even more business-friendly by cutting red tape and streamlining procedures". Details of the consultation and related documents are available from the EC's public consultations page. On 5 December 2013 the Commission adopted the following documents:

See the EC press release and frequently asked questions.