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Merger specific

External linkGidley, J Mark and George L Paul (Eds), Worldwide Merger Notification Requirements, Kluwer Law International BV, The Netherlands (ISBN: 9789041132031) (Looseleaf available through Aspen)
Covers more than 200 jurisdictions


Julie Clarke, 'International Merger Policy: Applying Domestic Law to International Markets', Edward Elgar Publishing (April 2014)


External linkElizabeth M Avery, Susana Cabrera, Ethan Litwin, David Mamane, Bruno L Peixoto, Alexander Rinne, David A Schwartz, Alison Shea and Lionel Tupman (eds), The Essentials of Merger Review (American Bar Association, 2013)

External linkJohn Davies (ed), Merger Control 2014, Getting the Deal Through (6 September 2013)

David Gore, Stephen Lewis, Andrea Lofaro and Frances Dethmers, The Economic Assessment of Mergers Under European Competition Law (Cambridge University Press, 2013)


External linkKonkurrensverket - Swedish Competition Authority, 'More Pros & Cons of Merger Control 2012'
Collection of conference papers from international seminar orginazed by the Swedish Competition Authority in Stockholm on the 9th November 2012.

External linkABA Section of Antitrust Law, The Merger Review Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to U.S. and Foreign Merger Review (March 2012)

External linkGeorge Cumming, Merger Decisions and the Rules of Procedure of the European Community Courts, Kluwer Law International, 2012
Reviewed by Despoina Mantzari in (2012) 35(2) World Competition 387-388 (464 pages, ISBN 9789041136718)

Maher Dabbah and Paul Lasok QC (eds), Merger Control Worldwide, Cambridge University Press (2nd edition, 2012) (2 volumes)

External linkD Daniel Sokol and William Blumenthal, 'Merger Control: Key International Norms and Differences' in Ariel Ezrachi (ed), Research Handbook on International Competition Law, Edward Elgar (November 2012) (book chapter)

External linkTerralex Pre-Merger Notification Manual 2012 (free download - covers 60 jurisdictions)


External linkJean-François Bellis and Porter Elliott (eds), Merger Control (Sweet and Maxwell, 2011)

Barco Botta, Merger Control Regimes in Emerging Economies: A Case Study on Brazil and Argentina (Wolters Kluwer, 2011) (403pp, 978-9-0411-3402-8)
Reviewed by Julian Pena in World Competition 35, no. 2 (2012): 385–392

Ioannis Kokkoris, Merger Control in Europe: The Gap in the ECMR and National Merger Legislations, Routlage, 2011 (293 pages)

Steven Noë, Directory of EU Case Law on Merger Control: 'The Merger Brick' (Kluwer Law International, 2011), 644 pp., ISBN 978-90-411-3285-7
Reviewed by Despoina Mantzari in (2012) 35(2) World Competition 560

External linkNigel Parr and Catherine Hammon (eds), Merger Control 2012, International Comparative Legal Guides (8th edn, 2011)
Covers 55 Jurisdictions and 4 general chapters. 400 pages: ISBN: 978-1-908070-12-8


Ioannis Kokkoris, Merger Control in Europe, Taylor & Francis (2010)

Catalin Stefan Rusu, European Merger Control, Kluwer Law International (2010)


Stephen Davies and Bruce Lyons, Mergers and Merger Remedies in the EU, Edward Elgar (2007)

Smitherman, Charles, Transatlantic Merger Cases: United States - European Community Merger Review Co-operation (Cameron May, 2007)


Francois Leveque and Howard Shelanski (eds) Merger Remedies in American and European Competition Law (Edward Elgar, 2004)


J William Rowley and Donald Baker, International mergers: The Antitrust Process (2 volumes), Sweet & Maxwell (1996)


International competition policy, incorporating merger policy