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J William Rowley QC and A Neil Campbell

Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Review – Is It Time for a Common Form Filing Treaty?



Opening paragraph

The globalization of economic activity has led to massive increases in both trade flows and cross-border investments. Lower tariffs and the reduction of other barriers to trade, combined with the pursuit of new customers and limited growth prospects in home markets, has provided a powerful impetus for international expansion in many industries. These drivers, supplemented by an urgent need for scale and scope efficiencies, are fuelling an international merger wave of gigantic proportions. The evidence greets us every morning in the financial pages. In one recent issue, the Wall Street Journal reported four breathtaking deals: Exxon/Mobil, the number one and two oil companies in the United States, to create the world's largest privately-owned oil company; Hoechst/Rhone Poulenc, to form the world's largest lifesciences company; Deutsche Bank/Bankers Trust, to create the world's highest asset financial services group; and Viag/Alusuisse Lonza, to become a multi-field global leader.


From McMillan Binch: Rowley, J William and A Neil Campbell, 'Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Review – Is It Time for a Common Form Filing Treaty?' (April 1999)