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J William Rowley and A Neil Campbell

A Comment on the Estimated Costs of Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Reviews

(September 2003) The Antitrust Source


First paragraph

'In September 2000 Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein used the conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of EU merger control as a platform to announce that the United States was prepared to participate in the multinational "Global Competition Initiative" recommended in the Report of the International Competition Policy Advisory Committee.1 Because multi-jurisdictional merger review was identified as one of the priority areas, the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law reacted by commissioning a study of the time and costs associated with the proliferation of national merger review regimes. The purpose was to shine a spotlight on the impact of such regulatory systems and to provide a concrete factual foundation for policy debates relating to possible streamlining or convergence of such processes.'


From Global Competition Forum website

See also: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 'A tax on mergers? Surveying the time and costs to business of multi-jurisdictional merger reviews' A study commissioned by the International Bar Association and teh American Bar Association (June 2003)

See also: International Bar Association, IBA/ABA Survey Identifies Costs to Business of Competition Referrals on Cross-Border M&A Deals (Press Release 2003)