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Oliver Budzinski

The Governance of Global Competition:
Competence Allocation in International Competition Policy

Edward Elgar, 2008



  • Foreword
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Globalisation of Competition and Business Structures
  • 3. International Competition Policy between Decentralism and Centralism
  • 4. Towards an International Multilevel System of Competition Policies
  • 5. A Comparative Analysis of Different Rules for the Allocation and Delimitation of Competences
  • 6. On the Appropriate Design of an International Multilevel Competition Policy System
  • References
  • Index


From publisher site:

The globalization of market competition and business behaviour fosters globalization of cartels and monopolising mergers that can lead to abusive and predatory strategies. The globalization of competition therefore also demands an internationalization of competition policy. However, Oliver Budzinski is realistic in his assertion that supranational competition governance must be built upon the existing, predominantly national, regimes. The resulting multilevel system of antitrust institutions and authorities, he argues, is problematic for the horizontal and vertical allocation of competences. This book employs the economics of federalism to create an analytical framework which can be used for comparative analysis of stylised competence allocation rules. The result is a proposal for a sound international multilevel competition policy system that combines elements of both centralized and decentralized governance.

This book provides an innovative and unique perspective on international competition policy and will be of interest to economists, legal scientists and competition authorities as well as academics and practitioners of international governance and international relations and politics.