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A view of the macrocosm of international cartel enforcement: How the boomerang of cross-border disclosure springs back to its domestic context

Laura Guttuso
(2015) 43 Australian Business Law Review 27



This article aims to explore Australia's role on an international cartel enforcement stage increasingly characterised by cross-border disclosure challenges in both public and private cartel proceedings. The task will be approached from a number of perspectives, including that of claimants and leniency applicants, either of domestic or foreign origin, finding their way into the Australian courts and disclosure processes. The practice in other jurisdictions, such as the European Union and the United States, will be set against the Australian experience, again viewed through the international lens. This multilayered inquiry provides useful insights into what are ultimately the challenges of how best to accommodate the wider interplay between public and private enforcement. This inevitably raises the question whether the response provided to these challenges at national enforcement level in Australia is still adequate. Now, given the backdrop of the current Harper Review, might be a good time to consider this question.



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