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Butterworths Australian Competition Law

Ray Steinwall, John Duns, Kathryn McMahon, Vijaya Nagarajan, Rhonda Smith, Jill Walker, Anne Hurley
Butterworths, January 2000

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Publisher's description

'Written by a team of leading lawyers and economists, this work provides a complete overview of Australian Competition Law by drawing upon case law and experience as well as extensive legal and economic analysis. The contents include: commentary on the legislative and economic basis of the Act; anti-competitive agreements and boycotts; misuse of market power; exclusive dealing; resale price maintenance; mergers; access to services; authorisations & notifications and enforcement, penalties & remedies.

Drawing upon case law and experience, this book gives extensive legal and economic analysis and is an invaluable tool for business. '

Table of contents

* Legislative Basis of the Act
* Economic Basis of the Act
* Anti-competitive Agreements and Boycotts
* Misuse of Market Power
* Exclusive Dealing
* Resale Price Maintenance
* Mergers
* Access to Services
* Authorisations and Notifications
* Enforcement, Penalties and Remedies

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