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25 Years of Australian Competition Law

Ray Steinwall (ed)
Contributing authors: Robert Baxt, Maureen Brunt, Peter Costello, Allan Fels, Michael Jacobs, Neville Norman, Tom Parry, Warren Pengilley, David Round, Rhonda Smith, Ray Steinwall and Jill Walker
Butterworths, 2000

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Publisher's description

'Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Trade Practices Act, this scholarly work takes you through the major events that have shaped the development of Australian Competition Law over the last 25 years. It is written by a high calibre team of practitioners, academics, judges and policy advisers and features unique perspectives on various aspects of the Trade Practices Act through the roles of economists, lawyers and regulators.'

Table of contents

Forward: 25 Years of Competition Law - A Political Perspective
The Honourable Peter Costello MP

Maureen Brunt

1. Tensions in the Development of Australian Competition Law (Ray Steinwall)

2. Watersheds, Minefields and the Role of the Commission (Allan Fels)

3. Insights into the Commission: Views of a Former Chairman (Robert Baxt)

4. Economics and Competition Law: How Far Have We Come? (Neville Norman)

5. Prohibiting the Abuse of Market Power: Rediscovering S 46? (David K Round)

6. Access Regulation: Are We going down the Right Track? (Thomas G Parry)

7. An Outsider's Perspective of Australian Competition Law (Michael S Jacobs)

8. Globalisation: What does it Mean for Competition Policy? (Rhonda L Smith)

9. Some Ramblings on How I Would Change Our Competition Law (Warren Pengilley

10. Mergers, Horizontal Agreements and the Problem of Oligopoly (Jill Walker)

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