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Miller's Australian Competition Law and Policy

Russell Miller
Thomson Reuters, 2nd edition, December 2011
(1st edition, June 2008)

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Publisher's description

'Miller’s Australian Competition Law and Policy (2nd edition) guides readers through the development of the Australian competition law, explaining its underlying concepts and policy directions.

Russell V Milller, the author of the foundational Miller’s Australian Competition and Consumer Act, Annotated writes now for those who require guidance on the key areas of competition law but who do not have or require a detailed familiarity with the provisions of the Act itself.

Explaining the law and policy in clear terms, without oversimplifying this significant area of commercial law, the book will be valuable for corporate lawyers advising within their business on competition and consumer law questions, lawyers working with competition law, and students studying in the area. '


Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Origins of Australian Competition Law
Chapter 2 - Competition Law Concepts
Chapter 3 - Development of Australian Competition Policy
Chapter 4 - Australian Competition Agencies and Institutions
Chapter 5 - Coverage of Australian Competition Laws
Chapter 6 - Cartels
Chapter 7 - Anticompetitive Arrangements
Chapter 8 - Vertical Constraints - Tying and other Exclusive Dealing
Chapter 9 - Monopolisation and Misuse of Market Power
Chapter 10 - Resale Price Maintenance
Chapter 11 - Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 12 - Primary Boycotts
Chapter 13 - Secondary Boycotts
Chapter 14 - Access to Essential Facilities
Chapter 15 - Consequences
Chapter 16 - Competitive Neutrality Appendices.


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