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International Merger Policy
Applying Domestic Law to International Markets

Julie Clarke


Publisher's description

ClarkebookcoverInternational Merger Policy offers a compelling comparative assessment of domestic and regional merger laws and procedures. Identifying important areas of convergence and emerging best practice, it considers existing levels of international cooperation and highlights the key costs associated with transnational merger review before evaluating possible mechanisms by which they might be reduced.

Presenting a holistic comparative treatment of competition law merger regulation and a discussion of policy justifications for merger regulation, this authoritative study tackles the significant challenge of how the costs and conflicts associated with overlapping applications of national merger regimes should be managed. It provides an assessment of areas of convergence and emerging best practice in the national and transnational treatment of mergers, as well as of the state of cooperation and comity in the treatment of transnational mergers. Finally, it offers an evaluation of costs and benefits of the current system of transnational merger regulation, in addition to an examination of proposals for reducing the existing cost burden.

The book examines emerging best practice and evaluates the merits of various reform proposals, thus will be of great use to policy makers and competition agencies. It also provides a useful rounded review of key issues surrounding merger policy and practice. Therefore, this book is ideal for researchers and students in this field.


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