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Competition Law Cases and Materials (4th Edn)

John Duns and Arlen Duke
LexisNexis, Jan 2015


Publisher's description

'The fourth edition of this authoritative text combines leading competition law decisions, legislation, guidelines and commentary to promote understanding of complex concepts, encourage student analysis of key principles and provide a practical focus for learning. Hypothetical questions and reading lists for each chapter provide opportunities for problem solving and research.

The commentary and extracts are fully revised and updated, and the authors offer perspectives on practical issues such as the non-judicial processes of authorisation and clearance and an example of a public competition assessment, a non-judicial determination of the ACCC.

New content in this edition includes:

  • discussion of the controversial new price signalling prohibitions in Pt IV Div 1A of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010;
  • discussion of the amendments made to the merger prohibition by the Competition and Consumer Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (Cth);
  • incorporation of significant new competition law decisions:  ACCC v Metcash Trading (merger law), Pilbara Infrastructure v Australian Competition Tribunal (access), ACCC v Flight Centre and ACCC v ANZ  (price-fixing) and Pearson v HRX Holdings (common law restraint of trade);
  • a continued practical focus, eg inclusion of extracts from recent ACCC guidelines on mergers, authorisation, notification and collective bargaining; explanation of the ACCC’s role in key non-judicial merger processes and provision of an ACCC determination example (Wattyl/Barloworld Public Competition Assessment).'


Table of contents


2.Markets, Market Power and Competition

3.Mergers and Acquisitions

4.Misuse of Market Power

5.Anti-Competitive Arrangements

6.Exclusive Dealing

7.Resale Price Maintenance

8.Authorisation, Notification and Clearance

9.Penalties and Remedies for Pt IV Breaches

10. Restraint of Trade


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