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Competition Law - The Laws of Australia

Daniel Clough
Thomson Reuters, August 2014


Publisher's description

Competition law, sometimes known as the law of restrictive trade practices or antitrust law, is complex and dynamic. It is a constantly changing battleground of theories made effective in practice by the ubiquitous influence of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Competition Law – The Laws of Australia is an encyclopaedic and practical work for legal practitioners, academics and students, distilling the statutory provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and authoritative judicial interpretation. It acts as a launching point for further research, dealing with the bare bones, black letter law at a single point in time.

The text covers:

  • the history, objectives and mechanisms of competition law;
  • prohibition of anti-competitive conduct, including cartels, arrangements that substantially lessen competition, exclusive dealing, resale price maintenance, misuse of market power and anti-competitive asset acquisitions;
  • authorisation and notification ;
  • remedies and enforcement;
  • access to essential services;
  • competition regulation of the telecommunications industry (anti-competitive conduct and access to essential services); and
  • prices surveillance.

Daniel Clough is a barrister based in Melbourne with expertise in competition law and the telecommunications industry.

This material is also published as part of Title 30 “Restrictive Trade Practices” in The Laws of Australia legal encyclopaedia. As such it retains that work’s easy-to-read style: each main paragraph opens with a bold proposition that encapsulates the relevant legal principle, while the text that follows sets out and analyses complexities, nuances and developments in the law. Extensive referencing makes The Laws of Australia the ideal starting point for research across any Australian jurisdiction.


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