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Vertical restraints: Resale Price Maintenance

For readings relating to vertical restraints in Australia visit the Australian reading room.

For information about the Australian law regarding vertical restraints see: RPM page and the exclusive dealing page.

This page provides links to select books and papers relating to vertical restraints generally and in jurisdictions other than Australia.






United States





Robert W Hahn, Antitrust Policy and Vertical Restraints, Brookings Institution Press (2006)


Articles, speeches, working papers



LinkPhilip Clarke and Julie Clarke, ‘Resale Price: Australian Experience and Perspectives’ (CPI Antitrust Chronicle, October 2013)

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LinkHeather Irvine, 'Behind the Curve? The Treatment of Minimum Resale Price Maintenance in South Africa' (October 2013(2)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle

LinkThomas A. Lambert & Michael Sykuta, 'Why the New Evidence on Minimum Resale Price Maintenance Does Not Justify a Per Se or “Quick Look” Approach' (November 2013(1)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle (SSRN)

LinkChunfai (CF) Lui, 'A Landmark Court Ruling in China: Resale Price Maintenance as Examined in the Johnson & Johnson Case' (October 2013(2)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle

LinkChristian Riis-Madsen & Özlem Fidanboylu, 'Resale Price Maintenance - The Blurred Lines' (November 2013(1)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle

LinkAna Paula Martinez and Mariana Tavares de Araujo, 'Resale Price Maintenance in Brazil: A Moving Target' (October 2013 (2)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle

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Wernhard Moeschel, 'Vertical price fixing: myths and loose thinking' (2013) 34(5) European Competition Law Review 233

LinkCharles Saumon, 'Resale Price Maintenance in France' (November 2013(1)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle

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LinkYan Yu, 'The Use of Economic Analysis in RPM Cases in China: Is There Gold at the End of the Rainbow?' (October 2013(2)) CPI Antitrust Chronicle




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