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Australian Business Law Review

Michael Terceiro (from 2018)
(Founding editor: Robert Baxt)
LawBook Co / Thomson Reuters since 1989


Publisher's description

'As one of Australia’s most cited legal journals, Australian Business Law Review’s reputation is well deserved. Each issue includes articles on business practice and commercial law in Australia and overseas.

Australian Business Law Review features commentary from Australia’s prominent commercial lawyers, presenting different views on the many elements of business law, concentrating in particular on trade practices law (both from an Australian and overseas perspective), regulation of business in various areas including environment protection, occupational health and safety, corporate law and taxation, as well as other emerging areas of business regulation.

In addition to the articles, Section Notes provide coverage of a wide range of business law topics and also deal specifically with New Zealand, while Book Reviews on recently published business law titles feature regularly.

Online, Australian Business Law Review features the full backset to Volume 1, 1973, with links to judgments, legislation and other online publications, while allowing for individual articles to be downloaded in pdf format or received via RSS feed.

There are approximately six Parts and one Bound Volume published each year (receipt of Parts and/or Bound Volumes will depend on your subscription choice).'