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AustraliaNational Access Regime Report 2001

Productivity Commission's Review of the National Access Regime
Inquiry Report No. 17

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Length: 536 pages

About this Review

This Review focussed on a range of proposed modifications to Part IIIA (access regime)


Terms of reference

Details forthcoming


Key Recommendations

The PC proposed a range of modifications to Part IIIA, including (from page XII Report]

"– inserting an objects clause and pricing principles to guide regulators and industry and to discourage unwarranted divergence across industry-specific regimes;

– strengthening the coverage criteria to ensure that mandated access would only occur where it would promote a substantial increase in competition. This would guard against the inappropriate declaration of essential facilities;

– streamlining the coverage criteria applying across the regime’s different access routes to reduce the scope for inconsistent determinations;

– enhancing the prospects for negotiated outcomes and ultimately effective arbitrations, through modifications to the negotiate-arbitrate framework; and

– improving administrative efficiency and transparency to address the currently
cumbersome and protracted arrangements."


Key statements




Gary Banks (Chairman)


Submissions and meetings



Legislative changes