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Assoc Prof Frank Zumbo

Former academic, UNSW School of Business and Taxation


Relevant qualifications and honours

  • BCom
  • LLB Sydney
  • LLM (Hons) University of New South Wales


Relevant work history and committee involvement

  • Advisor and office manager for Craig Kelly MP
  • 1991 - School of Business Law and Taxation, University of New South Wales


Competition law publications

  • (2012) 'The rise and rise of small business commissioners' (2012) 20 AJCCL 93
  • (2012) 'Promoting a more diverse and competitive Australian supermarket sector' (2012) 20 AJCCL 25
  • (2011) 'The Blacktown Amendment: Dealing effectively with geographic price discrimination' (2011) 19 AJCCL 33
  • (2004), 'The High Court's Rural Press decision: The end of s 46 as a deterrent against abuses of market power? 12 'Trade Practices Law Journal, Vol. 12, p. 126
  • (2003), 'The Boral case: Has the High Court done justice to s 46,'Trade Practices Law Journal, Vol. 11, p. 199
  • (2003), 'The Federal Magistrates Court and the Trade Practices Act: Current and Possible Future Directions,'Trade Practices Law Journal, Vol. 11, p. 46
  • (2003), 'Enforcing the Trade Practices Act Internationally,'Law Society Journal, Vol. 41(2), p. 64
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  • (2001), 'Intellectual property and competition policy: Emerging issues,'Australian Business Law Review, Vol. 29, p. 170
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  • (1996), 'Implementing the Competition Code within the States and Territories: An Overview, 'Australian & New Zealand Trade Practices Law Bulletin, Vol. 12, p. 88

Conference papers / seminars

  • (2004), 'Trade Practices Reform following the Dawson Review and Recent Senate Inquiry,' in Competition Law, UNSW Faculty of Law, Sydney
  • (1996), 'Overview of changes to (Part IV) of the Trade Practices Act: Restrictive trade practices, 'National Competition Policy Reforms/Trade Practices Update Seminar, Business Law Education Centre, Melbourne & Sydney

Relevant media

  • Frank Zumbo is a regular media commentator. Many of his items can be found at his author page on The Punch.


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