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Following recommendations by the Independent Committee of Inquiry on National Competition Policy (Hilmer Committee) the Council of Australian Governments (CoAG) implemented the National Competition Policy. This involved leaders of governments, in April 2005, signing three agreements:

Competition Principles Agreement

Conduct Code Agreement

Agreement to implement the National Competition Policy and Related Reforms

Together, these are known as the National Competition Policy.

The National Competition Policy concluded in 2005-06. The NCC's National Competition Policy page provides a useful timeline of NCP development and activity. The "National Competition Policy" has been succeeded by Australia's National Reform Agenda (NRA) - it will continue and strengthen NCP reforms (see, eg, National Reform Agenda at the Department of Treasury, Tasmania). CoAG described the competition stream of the COAG national reform agenda as " a substantial addition to, and continuation of, the highly successful National Competition Policy reforms".




State and territory implementation

The national competition policy was given effect to in states and territories by legislation. View, for example: