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There are some great competition law videos available online


International organisations

International ogranisations are increasingly producing video to promote their work; these include the ICN, OECD and UNCTAD

International Competition Network

ICN Training on Demand
Great set of video modules: Series I Competition Fundamentals; Series II Horizontal Restraints; Series III Dominant Firm Conduct; Series IV Mergers; Series V Competition Advocacy;Series VI Investigational Techniques


OECD Competition Channel
The OECD Competition Committee launched its YouTube channel in February 2018

A recent video includes a discussion of the OECD's report on Pecuniary Penalties in Australia by one of the authors of the report, Pedro Caro de Sousa


UNCTAD's YouTube Channel has a playlist with competition law related video.


From competition authorities



ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, addresses the Australian Financial Review Banking Summit
Facebook livestream 5 April 2018 (a bit shaky). Related speech here: Sims, 'Synchronised swimming versus competition in banking' (Speech to AFR Banking and Wealth Summit, 5 April 2018).


The Marker
ACCC Cartel/Leniency video - 16 minutes - released on 30 August 2012

Competing Fairly - Collective Bargaining
ACCC Collective Bargaining video

Celebrating 40 years of making markets work
30 minute video celebrating 40 years of the Trade Practices Act - released 1 October 2014


European Union

Why does competition matter?
Very funny European Commission video


Leniency in cartel cases
From the Dutch Competition Authority


Be the First to Tell - A Film About Leniency
From the Swedish Competition Authority (5min39sec)

United Kingdom

Understanding Competition Law
A great set of introductory videos from the OFT (UK)

United States

A Brief History of the Birth of the Federal Trade Commission
US FTC video - 3min


Lectures, seminars and other academic contributions

Increasingly lectures, conferences and seminars are being made available online. Here's just a sample.


Australian flag

Bannerman Lecture 2016
Dr Phillip Wiliams AM
Discusses QCMA and Defiance holdings

Competition Law and Economics Network Discussion Group
Seminars typically made available online soon after the event.

Competition in the Australian economy: too little of a good thing?
from Grattan Institute on Vimeo
October 2017
Featuring Caron Beaton Wells and Stephen King

Compliance Conversations With ... Michael Terceiro
2 May 2018 (approx 7 minutes)
Part of 'Compliance Conversations With ...' series by LexisNexisAustralia. Michael Terceiro, Principal Lawyer at Terceiro Legal Consulting, outlines what the ACCC’s 2018 Enforcement and Compliance Priorities are and why the ACCC have those proprities.

Should the tech giants be broken up?
Professor Nicolas Petit (16 Feb 2018, Adelaide)

The Hot Tub
Video produced by the University of Melbourne's Competition Law & Economics Network (CLEN) demonstrating Australia’s approach to expert evidence in competition law cases - a mock 'hot tub', based on the facts in Boral and presided over by retired the Hon Peter Heerey QC who was the first instance judge in that case. The expert roles were played by Dr Philip Williams (for the ACCC) and Richard York (for Boral) and counsel were played by David Shavin QC (who acted for the ACCC in the Boral case) and Jack Fajgenbaum QC.



Margrethe Vestager, 'The new age of corporate monopolies' Ted talk, September 2017 (20min)



Competition Law and the Free Market - The Antitrust Paradox: A Policy at War with Itself
Federalist Society, 25th Anniversary celebration honoring Judge Robert H Bork
21 April 2011


Iqbal/Twombly: A Pleading Revolution?
Debate between NYU Law Professors Arthur R Miller and Eleanor M Fox, moderated by Prof Oscar G Chase. 8 April 2010 - run time 100 minutes

Next Generation of Antitrust Scholarship Conference (2010)


Antitrust and the New Economy
Speech by US DOJ Antitrust Division Head, Christine Varney, in 2009

Inside Look - Antitrust Enforcement (US)
6min Bloomberg interview with FTC Chairman Johathan Leibowitz on update of merger guidelines and antitrust enforcement generally

More competition and better services in the EU energy market
Run time: 2min and 49seconds

Neelie Kroes on Competition Policy and the Current Economic Crisis
17 July 2009 (run time 21 minutes)

US: Horizontal Merger Guidelines Review Project Workshop - Introduction (December 2009)



The Dutch Construction Cartel
This is a series of four videos produced by the current affairs program Zembla and Voiceover by Marc Chase. The abstract reads as follows: 'Their first 2001 report exposed widespread collusion in the Dutch construction sector. It instigated a Parliamentary Inquiry in 2002-2003. Many companies admitted involvement, but argued their "monopoly money" system was accepted business practice. Several leading politicians and high officials were implicated. Antitrust damages were thought to amount to billions of euros. Over 1400 companies were eventually sanctioned by the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa), but also many of them received substantial leniency discounts. Key players in business, public administration and politics were promoted. In contrast, the main whistle blower, Ad Bos, was prosecuted by the state and today lives in a camper van. '


Harper Review Australia

In 2014-2015 a major independent review of Australian competition law and policy is being conducted - see Harper Review page.

As part of this process the Review Panel has released a number of videos explaining aspects of the review.

View playlist of Harper Panel videos

A number of firms released video commentary on the draft and final reports. See, for example:

Video Introduction to the Harper Report by Fiona Crosbie (16 April 2016)

David Brewster and Phillip Williams, YouTube debate on proposed MMP provisions (8 October 2014) (on draft report)



Many of these involve competition-relevant economic concepts explained in simple terms. I make no comment about the accuracy or usefulness of the videos - there are many more similar videos available on youtube - competition law students may find them useful.


7min video by Richard McKenzie

What is a cartel?
Five minute you tube video by jusahah

Market structure

Market failures
3min video from mjmfoodie

Monopolistic competition
4.37min video by Richard McKenzie

7min video from mjmfoodie - Characteristics and outcomes of the monopoly market structure

Natural monopolies
7min video by Richard McKenzie

Perfect Competition
7 minute video from mjmfoodie

Supply and demand

Elasticity of Demand
9.36min video from mjmfoodie

Elasticity - Characteristics that determine elasticity
1.47min video from mjmfoodie


The Beast File: Woolies and Coles
From ABC: Hungry Beast (dated 2010)

7.39min video from mjmfoodie

Maximizing profits
3.33min video from mjmfoodie

Competitive Market Efficiency
5min video by Richard McKenzie


Histeria! Theodore Roosevelt - Trust Buster
Fun little advertisement - 2.20min

The Raid: An Antitrust Movie
This is a 30min video produced in 1997 and recently uploaded on Chilling Competition. View associated blog post.