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Reading Room: Books

For readings relating to policy and economics in Australia visit the Australian reading room.

This page provides links to select books relating to competition law and policy generally.







Eleonor M Fox and Michael J Trebilcock (eds), The Design of Competition Law Institutions: Global Norms, Local Choices (OUP, 2013)

Barry Rodger (ed), Landmark Cases in Competition Law: Around the World in Fourteen Stories (Wolters Kluwer, 2013)


Firat Cengiz, Antitrust Federalism in the EU and the US (Routledge, 2012) 

Josef Drexl, Mor Bakhoum, Eleanor M Fox, Michal S Gal and David J Gerber (eds), Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries, Edward Elgar (2012)

Einer Elhauge (ed), Research Handbook on the Economics of Antitrust Law, Edward Elgar (2012)

Ariel Ezrachi (ed), Research Handbook on International Competition Law, Edward Elgar (November 2012)

Pardeep S Mehta (Ed), Evolution of Competition Laws and their Enforcement (Routledge Studies in Global Competition, 2012)

Richard Whish and Christopher Townley, New Competition Jurisdictions: Shaping Policies and Building Institutions, Edward Elgar (2012)

Daniel Zimmer (Ed), The Goals of Competition Law, Edward Elgar (2012)


Simon Bishop and Mike Walker, The Economics of EC Competition Law: Concepts, Application and Measurement (3rd edn, 2010, Sweet & Maxwell)

Josef Drexl, Wolfgang Kerber, Rupprecht Podszun (eds), Competition Policy and the Economic Approach: Foundations and Limitations (Edward Elgar, 2011)

Einer Elhauge and Damien Geradin, Global Competition Law and Economics, Second Edition, Hart Publishing (2011)

Also: Einer Elhauge and Damien Geradin, Global Antitrust Law and Economics, Second Edition, Foundation Press (2011)

Gunnar Niels, Helen Jenkins and James Kavanagh, Economics for Competition Lawyers, Oxford University Press (2011)


Maher M Dabbah, International and Comparative Competition Law, Cambridge University Press (2010)

Eleanor M Fox and Daniel A Crane, Global Issues in Antitrust and Competition Law (West, 2010)

Andrew T Guzman, Cooperation, Comity and Competition Policy, Oxford University Press (2010)

Lee McGowan, The Antitrust Revolution in Europe, Edward Elgar (2010)

AE Rodriguez, Ashok Menon, The Limits of Competition Policy, Kluwer Law International (2010)

Francesco Russo, Maarten Pieter Schinkel, Andrea Gunster, Martin Carree, European Commission Decisions on Competition: Economic Perspectives on Landmark Antitrust and Merger Cases, Cambridge University Press (2010)


Eugene Buttigieg, Competition Law: Safeguarding the Consumer Interest, Kluwer Law International (2009)

Bruce Lyons, Cases in European Competition Policy, Cambridge University Press (2009)

Massimo Motta, Competition Policy, Cambridge University Press (2009)

Brendan J Sweeney, The Internationalisation of Competition Rules, Taylor & Francis (2009)

Martyn D Taylor, International Competition Law, Cambridge University Press (2009)


Budzinski, Oliver, The Governance of Global Competition: Competence Allocation in International Competition Policy, Cheltenham: Elgar 2008

Chris Noonan, Emerging Principles of International Competition Law (International Economic Law Series), Oxford University Press (2008)

Robert Pitofsky (ed), How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark: The Effect of Conservative Economic Analysis on US Antitrust, Oxford University Press (2008)

Barry Rodger, Competition Law and Policy in the EC and UK, Routledge Cavendish (2008)


Katalin J Cseres, Maarten-Pieter Schinkel, Floris O W Vogelaar, Criminalization of Competition Law Enforcement, Edward Elgar (2006)

Michael Utton, International Competition Policy: Maintaining Open Markets in the Global Economy, Edward Elgar (2006)

Michael Dennis Whinston, Lectures on Antitrust Economics, MIT Press (2006)


Maher Dabbah, EC and UK Competition Law: Commentary, Cases and Materials, Cambridge University Press (2004)

Richard A Epstein, Michael S Greve, Competition Laws in Conflict, AEI Press (2004)


External linkBeaton-Wells, Proof of Antitrust Markets in Australia, Federation Press (2003)

Antonio Cucinotta, Roberto Pardolesi, Roger van den Bergh, Post-Chicago Developments in Antitrust Law (New Horizons in Law and Economics Series), Edward Elgar (2003)

Maher Dabbah, The Internationalisation of Antitrust Policy, Cambridge University Press (2003)

Josef Drexl (ed), The Future of Transnational Antitrust, Kluwer Law International (2003)

Einer Elhauge and Damien Geradin, Global Competition Law and Economics, Hart Publishing (2007)

Michal S Gal, Competition Policy for Small Market Economies, Harvard University Press (2003)


Bruno Zanettin, Cooperation Between Antitrust Agencies at the International Level, Hart Publishing (2002)


G Bruce Doern and Stephen Wilks, Comparative Competition Policy, Clarendon Press (1996)

Robert E Goodin (ed), The Theory of Institutional Design (Cambridge University Press, 1996)


F M Scherer, CompetitionPolicies for an Integrated World Economy, Brookings Institute Press (1994)


Roger D Blair and David L Kaserman, Antitrust Economics, Irwin Publications in Economics (1985)

Herbert Hovenkamp, Economics and Federal Antitrust Law, West Publishing Co (1985)


Eleanor Fox and James T Halverson, Antitrust Policy in Transition, ABA Section of Antitrust Law (1984)